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What Is The Contribution Of Culture To Our Socity?

Culture makes a significant contribution to our society. Culture connects, increases your vision and contributes to solving social issues. Through good culture education, children develop a creative and inquiring attitude. Creativity and innovation are essential conditions for the further growth of our knowledge society. I write a letter to the Lower House in which I explain my vision of culture.

All pupils must have the opportunity to develop their creative talents and skills through good cultural education. All pupils must have a chance to improve their creative talents and abilities through good cultural training. That is why I spend 5 million euros a year to maintain the Culture Card for all high school students over the next ten years.

The culture sector represents significant social challenges. On the government contribution to culture under the previous cabinet sharply cut. The subsidized industry is fully engaged in finding a suitable response to these cutbacks. This is not easy. I am impressed by the resilience and potential that I see in the cultural sector. Artists and cultural institutions adapt to these changing circumstances and enter into partnerships with each other and with other areas.

This letter came about after many conversations and working visits anywhere in the country. In the first part, I outline my view of the different values ​​of culture for society. I will discuss various social changes. Then I describe how I will shape my agenda for cultural policy for the coming period and which actions will follow. Then I go into developments in the subsidized system and the way I want to deal with this. The letter concludes with a section on the spending of the budget for friction costs.

I consider this letter as an impetus for a substantive debate on culture, the role of the government and the value of learning for society. At the same time, the Lower House received a letter about the museum system.