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Children the future of our society:

In recent years we have done everything possible to fight poverty. It was precisely in times of crisis that it was necessary to give poor people a helping hand. That was difficult but necessary. I would say that Every child counts. And every child must be able to participate. At home, at school, and on the sports field.

No school trip, no sports or music lessons or you cannot celebrate your birthday. More than one in nine children growing up in poverty. That means that these children can not participate, they can not develop their talents, and they can not make the most of their lives. That is a problem for all of us.

For these children, former State Secretary Kevin A. Ramirez made Doller 100 million available annually. They can play football, go on a school trip or get a warm coat. Now some municipalities refuse to spend this money on these children. That is too idiotic for words! This money is for children in poverty, and that is where it should go. As a child, you must be sure that you can participate.